Practical information

Exchange rate

As of 28 August 1 PLN is about 0.23 EUR.
You can change money at the airport or the train station. The are also many currency exchange places in the city centre.

Getting around Warsaw

The easiest way to get around Warsaw is by taxi. Taxis are relatively cheap in comparison with other European capitals. A ride from the Frideric Chopin airport to the conference venue should be around 40 PLN (about 9 euro) and from the Central train station around 20 PLN (about 5 euro). In many taxis you can pay by card, but it is always better to ask in advance. Taxi stands are located just outside the arrival halls. You can also order a taxi by phone. Phone numbers for two major taxi companies with service in English are listed below. Uber is another option.

Ele Taxi                 (+48) 22 811 11 11
Sawa Taxi             (+48) 22 644 44 44

For those on a tighter budget, public transport is also a good option. It includes buses, trams and two metro lines. We recommend the following site for detailed routes (switch the language to English in the settings).

They also offer an app which you can download to your smartphone. If you link it with your credit card, you can also pay for your rides online. Otherwise you can buy tickets at newsagents as well as from ticket machines located at many stops and inside buses or trams (but in this case you need to use your card). Once you get on a bus or a tram you need to validate your ticket in a machine located close to every door.

Getting to Warsaw by air
The easiest and most recommended way to get to Warsaw is by air. There are two airports you may consider:

  • Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport is an international hub served by major European airlines and a few budget airlines. It is located within city limits, about 10 km from the city centre. It’s very easy and relatively cheap to get into the city centre from there. In addition to taxis, the airport is connected to the city centre by train line and a municipal bus line.
  • Warsaw Modlin airport operates several budget lines.  It is located some 30 km form the city centre, outside the city limits. The easiest way to get to and from there is by bus. They journey takes over an hour and costs 9 PLN (about 2 euro). It can also be reached by taxi and train.

Getting to Warsaw by train
Warsaw has railway connections with several European capitals: Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Basel, Amsterdam, Vilnius, Minsk, Kiev, Lviv and Moscow.

Getting to Warsaw by coach
There are coaches travelling between Warsaw and several major European cities. Travelling to Poland by coach may be cheap but it is very long, the journey can take 20 hours or longer.

Getting to Warsaw by car
Warsaw can be reached by the A2 motorway.